Dots and dashes

Published November 20, 2017

A while back I wrote about the Amazon Dash buttons and how my initial tests left me frustrated and underwhelmed. I’ve recently started using them again and although a couple of the issues are still there, I’m now converted.

It was this year’s Prime Day that kickstarted me into using them again, as some of the buttons were on offer. I picked up a couple that I’d been in two minds about and since then, I’ve started using them properly.

I think part of the problem I was having before is that I had buttons that weren’t really products kept in one place, or I kept changing the products associated with the button (from apple juice to crisps, for example). Now, I’ve set up the buttons, and put them in place next to the storage of the product so that they really can just be pushed when you need to restock. It makes all the difference.

The benefits then become clear, as advertised. You run out of something, you hit the button and never have to think about it again. You don’t have to remember to put it on a shopping list and you don’t have to lug whatever it is through a supermarket. Not huge problems but one’s solved by the push of a button.

My previous complaints were thus:

  1. Limited choice
  2. Buttons slow to arrive
  3. Goods slow to arrive
  4. Selection of goods changes

There’s a greater choice of buttons now, although once you get into using them, you start wanting them for everything. They were quite slow to arrive, but thankfully the delivery of the products hasn’t been slow and the selection of goods has remained stable.

So a lot of the problems have been fixed. In fact, the only issue I have had this time round is that there was an inadvertent order when a button fell off its sticking place and hit something on the way down. No damage done though, and you do have the option to cancel an order in case of such a situation.

Essentially, one year on, and I’m converted. Still waiting on that Doritos button though.

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