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Published September 10, 2017

Carpool Karaoke

I was kind of in two minds about Carpool Karaoke branching out on its own. It works brilliantly as a sketch on the James Cordon late night show, but to stand on its own two feet? How would that work? Could it sustain a longer show? And what would it be like without James?

Well, the answer is that for the most part, it’s still as brilliant as it was before. There are some niggles, but the overall result is an entertaining and still laugh out loud funny programme.

We’re about halfway through the series now, which kicked off with an epic Will Smith episode that did feature James Cordon… right up until the part where he was left on the top of a tall building.

The episodes vary in length and quality. Some of them do suffer from not having a lead presenter, you can tell the conversations sometimes take a little while to break the ice. Some partnerships don’t seem to work at all – the Metallica one was a bit odd – but some of them are genius. The recent episode with John Cena and Shaq had me in stitches almost constantly, whilst it was a revelation to see the full family Cyrus bulging the sides of a people carrier.

The kind of format it is means it’s always going to be a bit hit and miss. Maybe you don’t like the people, maybe you don’t know the songs, but overall I think it’s a big success – and it must be a great relief to Apple after the bizarre and baffling misstep that was Planet of the Apps.

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