Good things that happen

Published June 21, 2017

Three good things

I really like the simplicity of the idea behind Three Good Things, an app that does one thing well. You are tasked with logging three good things for each day, with the aim of stringing together streaks of days and generally making your world a little bit of a happier place. The things don’t have to be life-changing, and they don’t have to be complex. You’re only given 100 characters to log each thing anyway, so the simpler the better. Examples featured in the marketing material for the app include having a delicious takeaway meal, or your favourite artist releasing a new song.

It might seem a bit hokey, this logging of good things, but actually you only have to try it for a couple of days to make a noticeable difference. Either you’re more aware of the things as they’re happening, because you’re thinking of what you can add to your list later, or you are compiling that list and see situations from your day in a new light. It doesn’t matter which way it works for you, that process tends to throw a bit more positivity into your day.

And boy, we could all use a bit of positivity at the moment.

Of course you don’t need an app to do this. Take a piece of paper, open a blank text document on screen, or just take a moment to think about it at the end of the day. You can get on with it at your own pace. But if you need a bit of structure and want the added benefits of calendars and streaks, then the Three Good Things app might be a good download.

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