Podcast of the Month: 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy

Published May 23, 2017

Podcast of the Month

The format of visiting a subject through a certain number of tangential objects has been done a few times, but I’ve found this recent iteration from the BBC fascinating. Tim Harford, one of the Beeb’s resident economists, covers fifty things that have, in some way, shaped the economy that we know and live with today. If you had to list some things, you’d probably say credit cards, interest rates, banks, etc, etc, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

What I love about this show is that it’s relatively short, so gives you information to think about in bitesize chunks and then sends you off on your day to see if you agree or not. The “things” chosen are often quite surprising, but when Harford reveals the history and what a difference they have made to the world, you see why they’ve been selected. The explanations of how each thing evolved are clear and concise, well told, and make you think.

Recent surprises include intellectual property, air conditioning, and that ever so innocuous item, the TV dinner.

The episodes, via the BBC, are available to listen to indefinitely which means you can wait till all 50 have been revealed before embarking on the journey or snap them up one by one as they are released. There’s also a book on the same topic, although at the moment I’m definitely preferring to listen to the podcasts and see what interesting “thing” will come next.

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