A Google gas station journey

Published February 12, 2017

It all started with this note from my Zombieland Film Watch post:

5:06 – Recognise that petrol station from that music video.

Because there was a shot of a petrol station right at the beginning, when he was laying out some of his ground rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Zombieland gas station

Now, I know what you’re thinking - it looks like any petrol station ever, and… well, we’ll get to that. For now, stick with me. It rang a bell in my head as the same fuel depot as spotted in a country music video that I’d seen a year or two ago.

And that’s where the problems began, because when I started to google it, I realised I couldn’t remember the artist. Or the year. Or the name of the song. Or any of the lyrics. Just that I had seen the video on Vevo TV’s Nashville channel before they ruined their app by taking all the good content off it.

All I could remember of it was the artist was a female country singer with dark hair, and that at one point she had a man tied up in the boot of her car as she parked outside the gas station. So I started searching:

  • “country video woman kidnaps man petrol station”
  • “country music video woman kidnaps man petrol station”
  • “country music video gas station”
  • “female country music singles 2015”
  • “vevo tv nashville”
  • “female country singers”

A lot more similar searches followed. Then other bits and pieces of the video started coming back to me.

  • “music video gas station swimming pool”
  • “country music video woman smashes wine bottles man in trunk of car”
  • “music video climbing out of swimming pool with high heels on”

Then desperation.

  • “how to find a song through the music video description”

Then maybe work backwards and come at the problem from a different angle.

  • “where was the opening gas station of zombieland filmed”
  • “gas station filming locations atlanta”

GAH. One more try and then I’ve really got to get on with my life.

  • “country music video gas station wine bottles swimming pool man tied up”


After a quite literal stress-inducing ninety minutes of googling and racking my brains to remember, I found the answer!!!

Unfortunately, it turns out that a) it wasn’t a particularly good song, b) it wasn’t the same gas station after all and c) most gas stations do actually look the same, don’t they.

I did find out that Rainey Qualley is the daughter of Andie Macdowell which is quite a good fun fact to have, so that means it was all worth while.

Wasn’t it?

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