What if everybody was doing what I was doing?

Published January 21, 2017

A recent episode of Back to Work featured a brilliant quote from Merlin Mann. The conversation was actually about sending spam-like emails to people hoping they will promote your business in some way. But I actually think it’s an interesting idea to consider in all aspects of your life.

I want everybody out there who is a listener to think about this.

What if everybody was doing what I was doing? Or, put slightly differently, what if ten times more people did this than currently do this.

Would that improve the situation for people?

Merlin Mann

If you’re the person taking up two parking spaces in your car, what if everybody did that? If you’re the one blasting loud music from your house in the middle of the night, what if more people did that? If you’re the one posting hate to people on Twitter, what if… oh no wait, a lot of people do that already.

It’s just another interesting idea on how to keep on being nice to each other.

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