Dispense your hot beverages in these

Published December 24, 2016

I’ve been obsessed with novelty mugs for many years, and occasionally have taken time out to blog about some of my favourites. In fact, I’m surprised to find that I’ve written five posts before, and that it seemed to be an annual event up until 2013.

Given that it’s been a couple of years since I had a look at what’s available on the hot drink container market, I figured it was time to break out the mug post again, so here goes. It’s too late to buy any of these as gifts for Christmas, but if you’re looking for something to spend your holiday gift vouchers on, then look no further!

BB8 mug

Star Wars is pretty much everywhere these days, but there’s only one hero that came out of last year’s Episode VII and that was BB8. I worry that this BB8 mug would be particularly difficult to clean, with its narrow top and wider base, but that’s because I’m a silly grown up now that thinks about stuff like that instead of just how much fun the mug actually is.

Flamingo mug

Now, moving on, I don’t know why I like this flamingo mug, except that flamingoes always make me laugh with their pinkness and their crazy legs, so why not celebrate that joy every time you take a sip?

At the time of writing, the mug is actually sold out, so that just goes to prove I’m not alone in the flamingo love.

Batman mug

This Batman shaped mug is my favourite of this batch, I think. Cool, dark, distinguished looking, it’s ideal either in or out of Wayne Manor.

I wonder if the handle would be particularly comfortable, but then again, it can’t be any worse than trying to grip the neck of a flamingo. (Not a sentence I ever thought I’d write.)

Minion mug

Minion mug! You must have known this was coming. If BB8 is the most loved nerdy character of the year then the minions must be the one that everyone else loves just as much.

Again, my adult self is thinking that yellow would dull very quickly after just a few uses, but still, it’d be fun to have a spot of tea with those glasses glaring at you.

Flowchart mug

Finally, I quite enjoy mugs that make reference to alcohol, because hey, who doesn’t like to think they’re having a sneaky pick-me-up at work, but more than anything, I’m enjoying the flowchart goodness on this gin mug. There aren’t enough flowcharts on drinking containers, I feel.

So that’s my selection of mugs for this year. Perhaps if I remember, I can dust off the mug-hunting posts again in 2017 and return to it being an annual thing.

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