Podcast of the Month: With Her

Published October 2, 2016

Podcast of the Month

I’m not an American citizen, so am interested in their election only so far as what happens over there seems to affect us anyway. I’m not usually one to talk about politics either, because it always seems to be to be a topic that causes arguments and resolves little. Even so, I think it’s worth highlighting a presidential candidate who has set up her own podcast, called With Her, to cover the last few months of the campaign.

The podcast is gloriously low-key, just a host with one of those soft radio voices chatting with Hillary wherever she happens to be that week. Having said that, I’ve listened to four episodes and Ms Clinton has only been available for two of them. Some interesting guests filled in, her daughter, her running mate, and both had stories to tell that were still worth listening to, but you have to wonder that she must have known she would be busy when agreeing to start up a podcast in the first place. How big a commitment to it did she make?

The show is interesting to me, though, because for the most part it has avoided actual political discussions – presumably because Hillary gets to do a lot of that on a daily basis – and instead focuses on the more human side of the campaign trail. Is there any down time, what do you do to relax, how do you stay in touch with friends and family, etc, etc. It opens up a more accessible side of a presidential candidate, who you otherwise would see mostly shouting policies at cheering or booing crowds.

It’s not a groundbreaking show but it’s refreshing to have such personal access to such a high profile political figure. I assume the podcast has a shelf life too, there would be no reason to continue if she doesn’t succeed, and I can’t see a president having time to chat every week. Even so, however you feel about the election and its participants, you have to applaud the boost this gives to the podcasting cause.

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