Looking for a winning streak

Published September 18, 2016

There are lots of productivity apps and habit trackers available on the iOS store, but I have become partial to Streaks. It’s such a simple app that can really make a difference – although admittedly my streaks have not been so fruitful lately.

The app is really easy to use. If you have a goal in mind, something you want to do on a regular basis (most likely daily, but can be adjusted to weekly or monthly if required), you can set it up on Streaks to track your progress. When you complete the goal on any given day, you just pop to the app and tap it as done. You can view your progress, and your statistics with a couple of simple taps, and you can do that for up to six different goals.

Streaks productivity app

Streaks will remind you if you haven’t achieved a goal you were supposed to do today, helping you out if you’re particularly forgetful. There are plenty of defaults to get you started, and lots of great little icons to jazz up your homepage. Goals can also be linked to other iOS apps, so you can set up “Workout for 30 minutes” to sync with the Health app, and you never have to lift another finger.

Talking of health, I noticed recently that Streaks have launched a workout app for the Apple TV. It’s a similar idea to the habit tracking app, but focusing specifically on workout moves. Here, you set up your goal based on difficulty level and length of workout required, then it gives you six moves from a larger default set, and cycles through them until you complete your goal.

I tried it out a couple of times, and love the concept, but found the actual workout a bit jerky. Because you’re only doing a set number of moves, and it jumps back and forth between them all, you can find yourself transitioning in and out of positions a lot and it can be quite tiresome. It doesn’t flow quite as well as you’d like, but even so, if you’re looking for a kick start, or a quick boost to your exercise regime, it couldn’t hurt to give this one a go.

I love the idea of apps helping you achieve goals, and this one seems so easy in principle. I have yet to fully form a habit thanks to a slightly chaotic life but when things are more routine, I reckon I’m going to buckle down and be queen of the habit streak!

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