Apple Music feature request - the Reading List of audio

Published July 16, 2016

Apple Music gets quite a lot of stick for its functionality and usability, and I can understand the complaints to a degree. However, I’ve used it constantly these past six months for my weekly album adventure and much more, so I’m listening to more music than I probably have before in my life. I’m comfortable with how it works and I love it being part of my iOS experience.

There’s one feature I really would like, though, and that is a Reading List style place to save things for the future. If you use Safari, you’ll know it’s easy to save whatever web page you’re on to your Reading List so that you can revisit it at a later date. Or if you’re anything like me, save stuff that you take several months to get round to looking at.

Listening list

I want a similar experience in Apple Music. It would be fantastic to have the ability to browse around, when you’re in a browsing mood, discussing music with friends, going down those rabbit holes that music conversations tend to present, and saving everything you find along the way. I’ve written about the Beats 1 show Haim Time before, and throwing them into this mythical Listening List would be incredibly useful as well. Songs, albums, playlists, radio shows, essentially just a list of things you’ve found that you would like to listen to in the future.

Playlists do this to an extent, if you want to create a “To Listen” playlist and add songs to it as you go, but that’s pretty much all you could do and it’s limited in that sense. I want a more multi-functional list, considering the different categories Apple Music has – even music videos, although I’ve never really watched any as of yet.

It feels like this could be relatively easy functionality to add, and would mean the usability could echo browsing the web on your devices too. Apple Music is undergoing a makeover for iOS10, and whilst it doesn’t immediately look to be an improvement to me, it means they are at least taking feedback on board and trying to make it better one step at a time. I’d like to throw Listening List into the ring as an update I’d love to see in the future.

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