WWDC design awards leave me wanting more

Published June 21, 2016

Apple’s WWDC took place last week, and whilst the keynote speech that kicks the event off was interesting for its new developments introduced, it wasn’t my favourite part of the week. Apple have done a great job upping their game in terms of providing coverage of the conference for those who can’t make the trip. They stream all the sessions live, and record them all for later watching on demand.

They’re quite nerdy, and I like to see what’s going on but much of it goes over my head. The one stream I really do love, though, is the Apple Design Awards. For two years in a row now, I’ve watched the presentation and in both years have found apps that I didn’t know about that are doing a really great job with the tools available.

Last year, I was introduced to Crossy Road, something I still play to this day. This year, a few more were brought to my attention, including Streaks (which I had downloaded before but has been updated since then), and Ulysses writing app (which looks amazing but is a bit pricy for my current needs). It’s also brilliant to see the work being done on app accessibility, with a brilliant voice-assisted DJ app getting the nod this year.

The fact that the design awards stream was my favourite part of the week-long conference for the second year in a row makes me wish Apple could do something more frequently. Their recent efforts to keep the app store refreshed and more content rising to the top is good, but the new and notable section only goes so far. You get to see what apps are considered exciting, but there’s no real explanation about why.

A monthly podcast or video stream, maybe even something on their 24/7 worldwide radio broadcast would go a long way to helping promote the great and the good from the app store, particularly those that are doing good work in design and accessibility but are otherwise being overlooked.

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