When square wheels go round

Published June 29, 2016

I hadn’t really been paying attention to the BMW Group’s Next 100 celebration with concept cars ahoy - that is until I saw this video with their take on the future of Rolls Royce.

“Are you ready?” the breathy voiceover lady oozes. Erm, not sure that I am actually!

I don’t really like what they’ve done with the square tyres here, it looks angular and odd and generally leaves a boxy bad taste in my mouth.

The BMW Concept Car, though, now that’s a different story. Gold isn’t my favourite colour, but ooh boy, this car is still a thing of beauty.

BMW Concept Car

It looks good, slides around the surface, and has that futuristic sleek beauty that I adore. There’s also this bit:

In Boost Mode, the driver becomes one with the vehicle and will be able to experience even more intense driving pleasure in the future. In fully-automated Ease Mode, on the other hand, the Companion takes over all driving tasks and the interior is transformed into an individual comfort zone.

I’m not 100% sure what “becomes one with the vehicle” entails, and it is slightly worrying considering the furore around artificial intelligence. But I do love the idea of switching into autonomous mode, and the chairs swivelling round so that you are basically in a moving living room. That’s something I’d definitely like to test out.

I also spotted today that Rolls Royce have unveiled autonomous ship concepts as well, which have a gorgeous submarine style look to them.

Mmmmmm, the future.

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