The healthy month of May

Published June 3, 2016

I’ve been wondering why I’ve felt quite tired recently, and then I realised. It’s because I’ve suddenly started focusing on my health and fitness again, ramping up the amount of exercise I actually do. Three years of concentrating on exams can have a detrimental effect on the time available for little things like: joining a gym, going for a walk, dancing around the kitchen, that kind of thing.

That’s all done and dusted (for now at least!) so I’m focusing on fitness which, for me, begins with the Apple Watch and it’s pesky three-ring strategy. Stand goals are relatively easy, but it took a considerable effort to get Stand, Move and Exercise maxed out every day. First I did it for a week, then that turned into two weeks, and then I thought, can I? Could I possibly? Will I be able to keep this up for a whole calendar month?

May move goals

I did!!

Now there’s pressure to keep it up for two months, and there’s the added problem of trying to balance achievability against the excitement of the watch suggesting you up your move goal for the week. But it’s a lot of fun, and who doesn’t like to get a badge at the end of it all?

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