Podcast of the Month - Anna Faris is Unqualified

Published June 7, 2016

Podcast of the Month

This podcast popped up out of nowhere but instantly became a regular part of my audio entertainment. It’s a simple concept - Anna invites over her Hollywood friends, has a bit of a chat with them, and then takes calls from listeners with relationship and other problems. Anna and the guest attempt to dispense advice, but make sure to point out they’re unqualified to do so.

It’s a lot of fun, Anna is genuinely sweet and insightful, and seems to care enormously about not only her guests but every single person that calls in to ask for help. I didn’t know much about Anna before, other than seeing her roles in films like House Bunny and Yogi Bear, and so it’s really interesting to find out what she’s really like (hint: not like those films).

Anna Faris is Unqualified

The podcast is recorded in an intimate fashion, with Anna and her friend/producer Sim talking huskily in the privacy of her dining room and sometimes her kid and her husband (Chris Pratt!) pop in to add a bit of atmosphere to proceedings. The friendly, close and intimate setting allow both Anna and her guest to open up and reveal surprisingly personal information. It makes for a fascinating listen, and the revolving selection of guests have been incredible - Chris Evans, Ellen Page, even Lisa Kudrow!

It’s lovely to hear someone enthusiastic about podcasting, about helping people, about simply sharing a small part of their life in a way they have full control over. I highly recommend giving it a listen - although warning, it is in no way family friendly.

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