Putting your name on the line

Published March 25, 2016

Whenever I mention one of those counter-top grill type machines, I always say “It’s so good I put my name on it,” because, you know, George Foreman. I don’t really know who George Foreman is but that’s the kind of advertising that really sticks because it’s a catchy line and it was a new idea.

I realised, watching quite a lot of TV over the past few sickly days, that you couldn’t get away with this any more. Celebrities are endorsing products left, right and centre, and whilst they might not have actually branded their names right into the goods themselves, they’ve all but sold out in every other way.

It’s not new for celebrities to attach themselves to products, of course, but it feels like it is happening more and more, and getting more and more cynical. It’s scary when you see really, properly, hugely famous names advertising things like Sky or BT and other such services. Is it that making movies doesn’t pay enough anymore? Or is it that they really believe in the products? Is it a mixture of the two?

Who knows?

The real difference is that George Forman was invested in the product, whereas George Clooney probably doesn’t care that much about the Nespresso machine he’s keen to brag about. Would he go so far as to put his name on it? I doubt it.

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