What would Jessica do?

Published December 13, 2015

I was super excited to watch the new Jessica Jones series on Netflix. I’d not got on board with Daredevil, but this was something different. The concept appealed 100% - Marvel expanding their universe with female characters at the helm? Bring it on. Netflix allowing us to binge watch the entire series at once? I’m on board!

The trouble is, it arrived just before I got to my latest exam break, so I had the pain of avoiding spoilers and looking wistfully at the Netflix tweets about the series, waiting, waiting, waiting until I could find the time to watch.

Jessica Jones

Finally, I got my study break and dived right in. It took a while to get going, I thought the first couple of episodes were interesting but a bit slow and bloated. Also, jeez louise, the fight scenes were no good. I don’t know if it’s because they lacked the funding, which is fair enough - it’s not a big blockbuster starring Robert Downey Jr, after all - or maybe they just couldn’t find a good choreographer, but cutting away from people landing every single punch starts to get suspicious.

Netflix reckon they have analysed their statistics and believe if people get to the third episode, they will likely binge watch to the end. I hate to just be another statistic, but they were right! I blasted right on through the rest of the series, and every episode that passed by allowed all the characters to grow on me even more.

Jessica is a strong but hugely flawed lead, her relationship with Trish is great, particularly with their increasingly intriguing back story. Luke’s big bad persona looks like he has a lot to hide, and getting his own series in the future will let us learn a heck of a lot more. Also, Malcolm was just so lovely by the end - even if I don’t quite believe he recovered from his addiction that fast.

You sort of got the feeling David Tennant’s tenure would be a short one, given his non-full cast member status, but oh how he made the most of every episode he was in. I prefer it when he’s being the good guy, but I thought the episodes where he was incarcerated in the CDC were particularly good. It’s was like a master class in how to play emotionally moving but totally psychotic at the same time.

The story’s twists and turns were great, particularly as the line between good and bad guys was crossed and recrossed so many times. I also loved the side-plot point of a character losing their mind due to grief for people killed during the Avengers movie. At long last, superheroes being called out for their mindless destruction in the name of saving the planet. Yes, maybe it’s for the greater good, but I was so glad to see the repercussions being acknowledged by Marvel!

So, in the end, Jessica Jones and friends (and enemies) won me over. I loved the bad ass attitude, the rejection of pretty dresses and superhero outfits, pushing people away but ultimately knowing you have to accept help sometimes. It was slow-going to start but worked its way round to fabulous, so now I can’t wait for series two.

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