Light up my life

Published June 16, 2015

To celebrate some exam success this week, I was whisked off to the Apple store to purchase some Beats goodies - bluetooth in-ear headphones, and their mini portable speaker, the Beats Pill. Both are a lot of fun, however it was an impromptu off-the-shelf purchase that has turned out to be the real revelation. I’m always keen on gadgets that make photography more accessible. In this day and age of leaving the house with powerful photographic equipment tucked in your pocket, adding peripherals can make things even better. One of my key criteria though, is that they shouldn’t make you and your camera any less portable.

Nova have absolutely nailed it with their nifty little flash, what they are calling the “first bluetooth flash for iPhone.”

It doesn’t look like much when you take it out the box - a slightly larger than credit card sized, slim piece of plastic with no buttons and just one port for charging. But give it that charge and then take a photo to see the light brighter than a thousand suns.

Beats headphones

As Mr C said at the time, it’s all very well taking a picture of your awesome new Beats, but at some point it starts to look like you’ve just stolen a product shot from a Google search.

The device works via the Nova app, where you can adjust the LED settings for warmth and colour, or pick a pre-set. It wants to be like a camera flash, so snaps on and off in the blink of an eye, but I’d prefer the option to switch it on and off at my leisure. There’s a test button to check your lighting conditions, and simply holding that down does the job, but a toggle would be a nice addition.

Otherwise, there are no complaints. How such light can come from such a small device, and how much difference it can make to a single photo is absolutely incredible.

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