4 Below Zero - Crashed Ice 2015

Published January 3, 2015

I’ve talked before about how much I liked Crashed Ice, the sport is simple and pure - four guys on skates racing to the bottom of a tricky ice course. You have to have skill, but there’s enough luck involved to know that every single trip down the course is unpredictable and unmissable.

This year, the sport is taking in four spots around the globe including Belfast, which is tantalisingly close. They’ve also ramped up their promotion tools with a great video series following three of the well-known racers through the season. The first was released this week, with the inside story on what makes Marco Dellago, Cameron Nasz and Scott Croxall hungry to win in 2015.

Red Bull videos always have such great production values, I love this video. The voiceover is perhaps a bit too dramatic, but hey, get a load of Scott’s hair. Those tresses deserve some “in a world…” magic.

Can’t wait for the season to get started. Find out more and stay on top of the schedule here.

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