Jurassic World - spared no expense

Published November 26, 2014

The first trailer for Jurassic World was released yesterday, and I hadn’t realised I was going to be excited about the film until I saw it and gasped. A lot. The music! Chris Pratt! The gates! The shark!

When I first heard about another Jurassic Park sequel, my heart sank because, let’s face it, they already ruined it enough with the second one. But then watching this trailer - which is both brilliant but with all the cheese of the first one that makes it a classic - I realised that it already being ruined wipes the slate clean. They can’t do any worse, so why not try?

And oh gosh, that music really does get me.

I saw a couple of tweets wondering why, if people actually lived in the world where Jurassic Park happened, they would actually go to the park. What could go wrong? Also, these scientists creating their own breed of dinosaur are so ridiculously arrogant about it. Really, what could go wrong?

Something tells me we’re going to spend a fun 90 minutes finding out.

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