Graze anatomy

Published September 17, 2014

Our experiments in expanding our food intake have so far taken in the excellent delivery service that is HelloFresh (still going strong, by the way, a few meals that haven’t been to our taste, but otherwise I’ve reached Apprentice chef level and am rapidly heading towards sous!) but we didn’t stop there.

I’ve been aware of Graze for a long time, but never taken the plunge and ordered a box. Graze offer selections of healthy (and not so healthy) snacks, delivered to your door each week, from a choice of hundreds. You don’t get to specifically pick which ones you want but you can say what you do and don’t like, and those you would never want to receive. The great thing about Graze is, the boxes are long and thin, meaning they fit right through the letterbox and can be delivered by the postman. Genius!

Graze box

I hadn’t been tempted by Graze before because it seemed quite expensive. £3.99 for four snacks on a regular basis. But having said that, we’d probably spend that on other snacks and this way you’ve got the added bonus of trying out some new and interesting combinations, knowing it’s not too bad for you, and having that little thrill of anticipation when another box lands on the doormat.

So far, the various types of flapjack have gone down well, as has anything with chocolate. There are some that don’t really work for me – Indian chutney style dippers seem like a nice idea but aren’t really something I’d want to eat by themselves or at work, for instance. For the most part, there are selections of dried fruits and chocolates, interesting combinations and things to try. This week we even got a little sachet of microwave popcorn!

I can’t see this being something we do for the long term, but it’s fun to have little taste samples delivered each week. I’m also very intrigued by the “Big Boxes” they will be introducing soon. If you can hand pick bigger bags of the most delicious treats, I’m going to be very tempted.

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