Ghost of an idea

Published July 11, 2014

Recently, I sat down and wrote a draft in Ghost about Ghost. Meta. It was an update on my experiences so far, which ended up as a bit of a complaint. I’m still in love with the concept of Ghost, but the gist of my dissatisfaction was two-fold.

  1. On Film Watch, I miss the comments. Moving to Ghost meant either switching on Disqus or going without comments. I opted for the latter, because I dislike that Disqus has rubbish integration, layout and login options, plus it stores the comments when I’d rather have a feeling of control over them.

As it turns out, Film Watch is something that feels like it needs comments. Discussing my reviews and what other people think about the films is something I really miss. The options here then, Disqus as mentioned above, returning to Wordpress or just putting up with it.

  1. Here on, I’m happy to remain without comments, but I was struggling to find a decent theme. Most of the themes out there follow a couple of standard layouts – one main cover page with text below, a top or sidebar with text below or to the side, or some kind of scrolling timeline reminiscent of Facebook. They all appear to have hamburger menus and I hate that.

Again, I was pondering the options, and they seemed to be stick it out, return to Wordpress, or design my own theme. None of which were too appealing. I pondered whether it actually mattered, because I’m not writing as much as I used to at the moment, or if it could be that the theme isn’t encouraging me to write as much as I could be.

Blank canvas

That’s what I was thinking up until today, however, when I finally stumbled on a theme that made me feel a bit better about life, the universe, and hamburgers. I’ve implemented it and although it’s not perfect, I prefer it to the old one.

So that’s one crisis averted. I think with Film Watch, I’ll end up going back to Wordpress which will be annoying because I did that “see you later suckers” thing when I moved over. Oh well, I can do humble pie pretty well.

There are two handy tools I used whilst setting up this new theme which I think you need to know about.

Kuler from Adobe. I used to use this a lot when I designed my own headers, but I haven’t been down the colour-picking avenue for a long time. If you’re ever lost for what colours you should use to go with others, this is the ideal tool. It boggles my mind some of the combinations it comes up with, and yet they all do actually work. I just heard about this on a podcast recently and wanted to have a quick peek. It’s essentially a very stripped down and basic online tool for creating very brilliant graphics. It has lots of free options to choose from - layouts, backgrounds and most importantly, fantastic text designs. You can also use stock imagery for $1 a time, although I’m sure the free stuff would last a lifetime. It’s missing a level of precise control for the detailed artist but it’s so fast to create something that I don’t think I’d be able to do at all otherwise, let alone achieve so quickly, it’s worth checking out.

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