On the flip side

Published March 21, 2014

We’ve recently invested some time and energy in using Flipboard to share posts, pictures and shows from Sidepodcast, which meant having to learn to use the crazy thing. Primarily an app, Flipboard allows you to browse through content from Twitter, sites and various web locations in a gorgeous looking magazine style.

There’s absolutely no doubting that it’s a good way to peruse content.

Flipboard screenshot

I found it quite hard to get my head around though. From the app, you have to find the content via some kind of stream that is already in there - ie, a Twitter account or someone else’s magazine. I couldn’t see there was an easy way to add content without navigating through many circles of hell.

It wasn’t until I watched a tutorial that pointed out there was a bookmarklet for my browser that it started to make any sense. (Can’t believe that sentence DOES make sense, but welcome to the future!)

So, I’ve created my own board, which I have been flipping into (this is the correct terminology, no?) all about films. With my own Film Watch posts in there, plus any interesting news and trailers I stumble across along the way, this is what I’m calling: Christine’s little empire.

If you browse things on Flipboard, and have been able to follow the ramblings above, then do feel free to check out the movie madness I’ve created.

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