Sherlock Series 3 - Marriage is all about compromise

Published January 17, 2014

Sherlock spoiler

For the previous two series of Sherlock, I have written a dedicated post for each episode, celebrating the highs and lows of each series as it progressed. This year, I didn’t feel the need to do that, as my thoughts tend to cover the third series as a whole. That seems like a good place to start, the whole series didn’t seem to generate as much excitement within me as its predecessors.

Whether it was because of the lengthy wait, or the excessive hype, or perhaps the novelty wearing off, I don’t know, but I know these episodes didn’t get me as over-the-top excited as they used to. That’s not to say they aren’t still excellent. To me, Sherlock used to be head and shoulders and then fifty extra feet above the rest. Now they are just top of the pile but hey, that’s still better than almost everything else out there.

Sherlock series three

Things I particularly liked about this series:

  • Sherlock being drunk.
  • The way Mary took to him. Before she shot him, obviously.
  • The return of Moriarty. The series really did miss Andrew Scott.
  • More Molly. Including a lot of slaps!
  • Creepy Magnussen. Moffat and co really know how to cast their bad guys.
  • Watson’s reaction to Sherlock’s return. Very well done.

Things I didn’t particularly like about this series:

  • Not enough Mrs Hudsen.
  • Not enough Lestrade, although I did like Sherlock always getting his name wrong.
  • Sherlock was uncharacteristically involved with the wedding stuff.

The things I like far outweigh the things I didn’t, and I had no negative reactions to any of it really, not compared with some of the things I saw on Twitter. The second episode was an odd one, not like a part of the Sherlock series at all, but it was still good. I did think Sherlock was too involved in the wedding, from planning through to speeches and the violin part. I get that he might have grown fond of Watson, but he’s still a sociopath and just one episode ago he was finding his feet back in the world again.

That’s part of the problem, and something I think I’ve said before. The format of the series is both a blessing and a hindrance to the story. Ninety minute episodes allow for expanded stories, thinking time, a good tale to be told. But there are only three of them, and they only occur every couple of years. Spending a good hour on speeches, on Sherlock trying to be a good friend and being inexplicably good at flirting, is easily perceived as a waste. Yet the series needs the interaction of the characters to make us care, to keep us caring, eight episodes in. It’s tough, I don’t have the answers and I wasn’t too upset, but I can see why there were complaints.

There’s only one more thing I need to say about this series, and that is to state how much I need a house like this.

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