Mr C's top five songs from 2013

Published December 30, 2013

This is the time of year where I hand over the keys of my blog to Mr C, or at least give him a paragraph or two of space, to share the things he’s been loving this year.

There are two categories - films and music - and we’ll be starting with the latter.

Here’s Mr C’s top five songs from 2013, and I will tell you now, it’s been a heartwrenching process to whittle these down to just five.

1 - Pompeii, by Bastille

“It’s anthemic. It has to be the only truly rousing tune of 2013.”

2 - Cups, by Anna Kendrick

“Surprise of the year, perhaps of the decade. A totally out there song, unexpected genius. Plus the cups thing has kept Christine amused for days.”

3 - Still Into You, by Paramore

“Probably the stand out performance of the iTunes Festival. Mostly I just love the energy. Three and a half minutes of adrenaline.”

4 - Falling, by Haim

“Another iTunes Festival find. Easily the album of the year, another new act for 2013, total news to me prior to iTunes. I’ve subsequently bought everything they ever released.”

5 - Odds Are, by Barenaked Ladies

“Optimism personified. The most cheerful thing in the world, I defy you not to be smiling at the end. Genius, brilliant lyrics, great video. The definitive cure for depression.”

Honourable mentions

Here’s the shortlist that Mr C was working from, notably down to just ten from a hefty fifteen in 2012.

Songs of 2013 shortlist

“Not as tough a choice as last year, but it still crushed me to have to remove Sara Bareilles and Emmelie de Forest - both of who deserve a place in the top five, but the others were just slightly stronger.”

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