Introducing Pocket F1 Handbook: Grand Prix Almanac 2013

Published December 21, 2013

Every Formula One season tells a story. A continuing saga, a sporting soap opera, it dates back to the inauguration of the World Championship in 1950 and even before that. At the same time, each and every year, the slate is wiped clean and both drivers and teams are given the chance to impress all over again.

This book will guide you through the 2013 season, visiting each event in turn to see how the year unfolded, and how events wound their way towards the season-closing race in Brazil. From the early anticipation of brand new rookie drivers, to the closing stages with familiar faces on the podium, you’ll revisit the highs and lows of another page added to F1’s illustrious and often controversial history.

Each year holds something new, and for 2013 it was the potential for a four-times world champion, the youngest ever, in Sebastian Vettel. Or it was the prospect of finding out who could beat him. This was something of a transitional year. The regulations were set for a significant overhaul in 2014, the engines being drastically changed, and the subsequent impact across the rest of the car.

With a compromise to be made between living in the now and forward thinking, the 2013 season was never going to go down in history as one of the classics. The championship fight also didn’t lend itself to a cracking season’s end. But the year still had plenty of drama, enough on-track incidents to go round and plenty of off-track shenanigans to keep the column inches filled. Relive it all in this Pocket F1 Handbook.

Available now on Amazon for Kindle and coming soon to iBookstore.

F1 Almanac cover

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