Get fit with Miranda... maybe

Published December 3, 2013

I’ve developed a bit of a fascination with workout apps and digital videos, and it turns out iTunes is stocked full of both. I’ve tried a few here and there, but was most excited when it was announced that Miranda Hart, of Miranda fame, was going to release something. The premise behind her video is that you have to have fun while getting up and moving, otherwise it’s easier to sit on the couch. Hence, Maracattack! It’s a good premise.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the end product works as intended. It’s a brilliant comedy video, stacked full of guests and jokes and Miranda being Miranda. As an exercise, the Maraca thing is unique and unusual, enough to peak your interest.


What doesn’t seem to work is the flow of the video at all. On iTunes, there are no chapters, so you either have to watch the whole thing each time, or spend an awful lot of precious minutes fast forwarding. The introduction, you see, is massive. It involves Miranda introducing herself and the concept, some new comedy clips, and a bit about making your own maracas with a special guest. It’s about half an hour before the actual trainer even shows up (and she is almost identical to Stevie, very weird). In between the sections, there’s more chatting and stuff, which just breaks up the rhythm.

The moves within the fitness regime are fun and silly, the crazy crab and the maraca version of a high five. There’s even some galloping around. I haven’t actually done the routine, but having watched it and compared it to others, I’d say it’s an odd mixture. Clearly, it’s aimed at beginners, hoping to get people up and moving when they’d usually be keeping still. But there are some moves that are a little advanced and somewhat precarious – one minute you’re doing a box step, the next you’re leaping in the air for flying star jumps.

One of the main problems with it though, is something Mr C pointed out. You get the workout videos to complete over and over again, and so they have to be fun enough to not get boring, whilst also not being too irritating on the hundredth time. Miranda has the fun sorted, but the pace and quips might not be so appealing on multiple viewings.

I’m assuming the chapter thing isn’t an issue on DVDs, because it can’t have been designed as one ninety minute lump that you have to navigate yourself. That’s my biggest issue with it, and probably the reason I wouldn’t get to the hundredth viewing to find out if it was annoying.

I admire Miranda for taking a new stance when it comes to workouts – it’s not your traditional Eastenders star wants to make a Christmas buck, it really feels like she wants to make a difference. There’s been criticism and probably even ridicule, which isn’t fair, because it’s a fantastic endeavour. I just think the routine needs a bit of tweaking, or perhaps a clearer idea of who its aimed at.

But hey, I’ll take more Miranda clips any day!

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