Staying Ice cool during exam week

Published November 22, 2013

When I took on some pretty serious studying, I knew I’d have to make some sacrifices and that the book learning, revision hours and exam week would need a lot of time, focus and brain power. I hadn’t quite anticipated the degree with which diving into those books took over my life, but this week I finished up the first batch of exams, giving me a bit of breathing space before the next round of learning begins.

That means I can blow the dust off this blog and actually start thinking of things outside sharpening pencils and good exam technique. At first, I didn’t mind that was put on the backburner, because I didn’t have time to write any posts, but equally I wasn’t doing anything worth writing about. Nothing lost. Recently, I’ve had a growing list of topics that require attention, so it was getting frustrating.

Fret no more, I’m back!

Aside from the subjects, the most interesting thing about this exam process was having to get a watch. The last time I sat exams was in 2008, and back then I think I wore a watch on a daily basis, obsessed with time like I am. Since then, carrying a phone everywhere is time enough, so the habit of wearing a watch just disappeared. I know I’m not alone in that.

My exam guidance recommended a watch, because time management is a crucial aspect and there was always a chance that you couldn’t see the clock from your desk in the exam hall.

I didn’t really know where to start, but then, whilst browsing Glamour magazine on the iPad (one of the few magazines I’ve found I like, but that’s another story), I stumbled across an ad for Ice Watches. Just a week or two later, I was the proud owner of the white and turquoise version, a gift as good luck for my exams.

Ice watches

If anything’s going to help you get through an exam, I reckon an Ice Watch will do the trick!

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