Pompeii in the Park

Published November 9, 2013

I hadn’t heard of Bastille before I saw them on the iTunes Festival this year, but I’ve grown to like quite a few of their songs, particularly the anthemic Pompeii. I loved this recent video on Vevo of the band rocking up to a park with the barest of instruments and putting on an impromptu performance. Well, impromptu enough that you have plugs for your keyboard, anyway.

Things to love about this video:

  • Three arms playing the piano
  • The crowd being unable to get the “howmigonnabe an optimist” timing right as they mime along - it’s a weird phrasing, that
  • Also, does anyone else hear it as “howmigonnabe an octopus about this”?
  • Excellent appearance of a Ghostbusters t-shirt
  • Proper lens flare, from the sun and everything
  • Cheesy talky bit in the middle of the song, they’re so normal
  • In the single edit, the way he says “close” in “close your eyes” is weird. He seems to have grown out of that now. Phew!
  • Eh-ey-oh, ey-oh!
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