The Archers - August 2013

Published September 7, 2013

Another month has magically flown by both in reality, and in Ambridge.

Rob and Tom had dinner, much to Pat’s disapproval. What would she think if she learned about Helen’s real relationship with Rob? Meanwhile, Tom got all over-eager, based on Rob’s advice and Kirsty’s Twitter campaign – she’s turning into the new Brenda, meals with Tom, marketing ideas, etc. But Bellingham’s don’t want to increase their order, and Tom may have jumped the gun. For a change!

At Brookfield, David was teased for toppling some grain and found himself rescued by Brian and some kind of grain sucker. He and Pip had a blowout about the future of the herd (particularly as the mega-dairy is starting to roll into action), and then Pip departed for pastures new… for a bit.

Meanwhile, after an initial awkward phase, Helen and Rob couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Helen even made up a jewellery making class to attend twice a week. I don’t know. I think if you get to the point that you’re buying handmade jewellery to pass off as your own so your mother doesn’t suspect you of having an affair with a married man that she hates… you’re probably going down the wrong path. Equally, Pat and Tony have been far too lenient about babysitting. From the occasional night here and there to suddenly twice a week on a regular basis? Taking advantage, much?

Oliver whisks Caroline away on a holiday to Italy, but not before employing a temporary manager to be in charge in her absence. That succeeds in putting Lynda’s nose out of joint, and there’s no prizes for guessing that something bad will occur at Grey Gables while the pair are away.

Martyn has been hounding Kathy non-stop, and whilst his attitude continues to be repulsive, she’s not exactly helping her cause. Someone was stealing money from the till and she didn’t notice. Dropping optics, and letting Martyn walk all over her. Now she’s taken up swimming at Grey Gables a lot to destress, which places her nicely at the scene to help out when the management issues arise. I’m intrigued by where this storyline is headed.

It was sobering to hear Shula stumble across Darrell at the homeless shelter, craving nothing more than a hot meal and a blanket or two. How quickly things turned around for him, how easily things can go wrong.

On the lighter side, there were flower problems galore, as Jennifer hired one of the pickers to tend her garden, only to find he sprayed her precious roses with weed killer. To celebrate their anniversary, Alan kindly brought Usha’s prize roses into the house as a present. I find it slightly odd that he wouldn’t have known they were not to be touched, but it’s still quite funny.

Lily is a bridesmaid for Kenton and Jolene’s wedding. I thought Freddie handled himself well, politely declining the pageboy role. Elizabeth offers up Lower Loxley at cost to host the wedding, and Jamie gets to be best man. There are big rows over the guest list, I did think Fallon lost her temper with them far too quickly, but she made up for it with her reaction over Jolene’s dress – once they found it. The big news is that Meriel is coming over for the wedding but that Mel managed to invite herself too. What with that and Kathy mooching about, there are fun times ahead!

Lilian finally admits that Anthea is very good at what she does and they come to a grudging understanding. Enough that Lilian can drop everything and dash off to London. It’s a wonder Amside is still in business, it really is. That brings me on to Ambridge Extra, which I would normally write about. But in all honesty, I gave up listening earlier in the month. Blah blah Brenda smooching her new and not-to-be-trusted beau, Matt going on and on AND ON about the phone and the contract. It feels like they’ve been faffing about for ages. Hopefully anything important will filter back to the Archers proper, because Extra this series has really not done it for me.

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