The Archers - July 2013

Published August 1, 2013

Let’s start with the good news – Kenton and Jolene are getting married! Such a lovely couple, they are, and it was so much fun hearing David worrying that Kenton was getting itchy feet. It was the exact opposite, and over a packet of cheese and onion crisps, he asked that crucial question. Lovely stuff. Fallon was brilliantly supportive, and hopefully Meriel won’t be too bossy, although purple is a good choice of colour.

Brenda finally snaps and quits her job at Amside. It was quite fun hearing Lillian trying to cope on her own, and even more amusing to have the temp show her up for the lazy, messy and lackadaisical boss that she is. Ambridge Extra holds most of the other side of this story, with Brenda flitting off to Russia to help Matt out with a dodgy investment. Last I heard, Matt was staying with a the family who have robbed him of his money and still hoping he can get it back. It all seems rather far-fetched, and I do feel sorry for those sticking solely with The Archers. The catch-up explanations can be very tedious, particularly as Extra was supposed to be just that, Extra information that didn’t particularly impact on the main show.

Pip is suddenly being incredibly reasonable, looking after the farm so her parents can have a holiday and checking they can spare her for her second temporary assignment. They can’t but they let her go anyway. This girl’s ability to be considerate flashes on and off like a light switch. Typical teenager!

The final cow left Bridge Farm which meant Pat could turn all her negative energy on something else, or in this case somebody else. She’s so blatantly disapproving, that if Helen were a bit younger, it would be a case of driving them together by trying to keep them apart. As it is, Helen has managed to get herself into a relationship with Rob, they seem like a great couple except for the small problem of Rob’s invisible wife Jess. She won’t come to Ambridge, so it looks like Rob is simply finding a replacement! It would be nice for Helen to find a bit of happiness for a while, but she’s so independent and this is such a sticky situation, it can’t possible come out well, can it?

Caroline continued to get more tired and stressed and overworked until eventually her body gave in. The doctor diagnosed it as shingles, which meant Caroline was confined to bed rest. Even Lynda wouldn’t tell her anything about work when she popped by for a visit. Presumably this is a wake up call for Caroline that she does need to finally replace Roy, but who can they get for the role? The obvious choice is Brenda… but she’s in Russia. Perhaps Kathy is about to get the sack from the golf club – nosy Martin is digging into the books – and she could come back to the village to help.

Emma tries to distract George from religion by buying him seeds and roping him off a garden. When that doesn’t work, she decides to go with him to church instead. The competitiveness between Emma and Nic is building again, I dread to think what it will be like when the baby arrives. Nic wasn’t happy with everyone telling her what to do, which was an overreaction and a half when they were trying to avoid night leg cramps. Was her old partner totally controlling? That might explain some of it.

Also related to the church, there have been fundraising events all over the place, swishing, a donation from a long-lost relative and now a silent film-night. What with that and the Highland games, Ambridge has been a bit of an entertainment hub this month! Next month is bound to be quieter… isn’t it?

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