The Archers - June 2013

Published July 4, 2013

Can it only have been the start of June when Lillian was desperately trying to contact Paul and not getting any response? It feels like so long ago that she was finding out just how grumpy Paul could be, and then before you know it, he is dead. It’s slightly disappointing that we didn’t get to hear a big showdown with Matt revealing he knew all about it, but having said that, it’s also been interesting hearing his manipulation of Lillian as she goes through her own secret grief.

Jolene has been a rock for Lillian, particularly as it can only have reminded her of Sid. And in turn, Kenton has been super-supportive of Jolene. They’re a lovely couple.

What is the mystery behind Rob and the absent wife Jess? He’s coming across as a very capable chap, learning how to deal with Brian, and trying to ingratiate himself with the locals even if they don’t agree with the mega-dairy. Meanwhile, he’s busy flirting with Helen and avoiding questions about the missing spouse.

Emma or Tracey as replacement for Elona. Jennifer has a clear favourite but Emma is very cheeky to assume she can bring Keira. Emma stamped her foot a little when she found out that George was praying and asking if guinea pigs had souls. I actually agree with her on this point that, whilst it may be a phase, Nic probably should have asked her about church first. Emma has to deal with a lot of the questions, after all. But she also complained that Nic was sucking up to Clarrie with her church-going, flower-arranging goodness. Ed, brilliantly, told her to stop moaning about it and do something about it. This jealousy is building up nicely to the birth of another Grundy. Goodness knows what will happen then.

Pip passed her exams, thank goodness. Hopefully she can disappear off on her placement and clear her mind. Although, as much as I think Pip’s attitude of late has been awful, her parents do seem to be playing favourites with Josh currently. I seem to recall Pip getting a rollicking for not being present at a family birthday, but Josh is off selling eggs and that’s okay. Although he’s got himself into hot water on that front anyway, signing up for more farmer’s markets than Hayley and Neil can cope with.

Clarrie went completely mental, and there was a bizarre if slightly amusing storyline surrounding Jazzer spying on Christine, lying to Clarrie and getting free food out of the bargain. Come flower festival day, Clarrie’s gone way over the top, whilst Christine’s minimalist design wins the day. That should teach Clarrie not to act so out of character.

The cows get sold. It was a well-handled episode, and a momentous event, obviously, but leaves little to say about it – everything has already been said, time to move on!

Caroline is overdoing it, and Oliver is getting grumpy. She did promise it would only be for a few months (was it six?) and it’s been forever. Something will break soon though, whether it is mind, body or relationship.

Jim winding Jennifer around his little finger, first toying with her, then making it seem like he apologised when he wasn’t at all sorry.

Jamie joining the Ed and Jazzer sheep-shearing team. They want to do more work together but splitting the money three ways can’t appeal to greedy Jazzer though, surely?

Brenda is getting under everyone’s feet staying with Hayley and Roy, and knows she has to move out. If she doesn’t take this opportunity to leave for the bright lights and big city, then she’s crazy. What’s keeping her in Ambridge?

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