Mug update - The Etsy edition

Published June 15, 2013

Every now and again, I like to peruse the world of mugs. When I started this, I was barely drinking hot beverages and didn’t need much in the way of mugs. My tea consumption has sky-rocketed of late, and this week, when I found my Piglet mug, I figured it was time for a look at what was new. As a bit of a change, I decided to look at Etsy, where things get a bit more creative.


There are quite a lot of Doctor Who related items across Etsy, but I like this Tardis mug for its sheer simplicity. A basic blue background with TARDIS sillhouette in white, this is nice. Closer up, there’s a bit of an odd gap across the bottom, but that simply comes from the hand-made process. As the description states:

“I use a pottery wheel to hand throw each mug, so they all vary slightly. This Tardis mug is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Not really! This one holds about 12-13oz.”

A little bit of unique Doctor Who-ness in your cupboard.

Puffin mug

This next one I am a bit confused by. I adore puffins, mostly because the word is fun to say, and this mug is called Puffin surprise. I’m assuming the idea is you drink your tea and as the liquid depletes, the puffin comes into view. I’m not so sure this is a good idea - if you hand this mug to a stranger and a puffin appears at the bottom of the drink, they might be a bit freaked out. And if you use it yourself, you’re going to know the puffin is there.

I’m also not 100% sure it’s very nice to drown a puffin in boiling hot liquid every now and again! But I may be overthinking this.

Mr & Mrs mug

24601 mug

Here are two I quite like, but don’t have an awful lot to say about. The Mr and Mrs mugs are quite sweet, but you can guarantee that one would get broken quite quickly, or you would get out of sync using them, so you would only have a Mr or Mrs and not both at the same time. The 24601 mug is a bit of a musicals reference, that is subtle but fun. I like.

Wine mug

Finally, I like this bonus mug with the slogan ‘shhh… there’s wine in here.’ on the side. It’s taller than your average mug, so would actually be pretty useful for drinking wine, if all the wine glasses are indisposed. The Etsy seller is happy to write anything you want on the mug, but I was quite sold on the display picture!

Those are just a few of the latest beverage containers I’ve found across the web recently. Do share if you have any intriguing finds as well.

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