2013 running diary – 172 of 500 kilometres

Published May 1, 2013

Running graph

Hoorah! At last I have managed to not only keep up with the target, but overtake it and get a bit of a healthy lead. Another achievement this month is to have no gap longer than three days. That is something I am looking at working on reducing even further but I am slightly torn.

This 5k route I have found myself is becoming routine but I think I would have to do less to run more days, at least to start with anyway. And I don’t want to give up my 5k!

I had a bit of a disastrous run towards the very end of the month, in which both of my lower legs, knee and below, were not playing ball at all. I had an aching calf, a dodgy knee, my left foot inexplicably got pins and needles whilst running, and it was all just very wrong. I rested up a day, went out again today (May 1st) and it was as normal, if a bit slower than my usual snail’s pace.

Generally feeling good about running though, despite that blip, and the sun has started making an appearance which makes everything just that bit brighter. (And hotter, but hey, I can’t complain when I’ve spent all winter praying for the snow to go away.)

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