The Archers - February 2013

Published March 4, 2013

Despite being a short month, it’s been a busy few weeks in Ambridge, with lots of storylines thrown into the melting pot. Here are my scatter-brained thoughts on February with The Archers.

Pip did overdo a bit going to stay at Rickyard Cottage whens he was mad at her parents. It’s quite fun seeing Josh become the responsible one as Pip gradually loses every ounce of respect she ever earned from her parents.

Meanwhile, David’s suggestion that Ed take up shearing takes an unexpected turn. Ed recruits Jazzer to make a shearing dream team, but they found they didn’t have the funding. A random woman on Jazzer’s milk round has a tracter to sell and it all gets very complicated, with the end result being Jazzer and Ed’s morals going head to head.

We had the grand return of the new (or perhaps old) Clarrie, at Will’s 30th birthday. Ed and Emma were invited, with both brothers being shouted at by their nearest and dearest to make the effort and behave themselves. Oh, families, eh?

Paul becomes a complete doormat, saying he’ll come to Lilian whenever she calls and then snapping up a little love nest for the pair of them.

Elizabeth doesn’t get the loan from the bank that she wanted to expand at Lower Loxley, so she turns to auctioning off valuables and selling off parcels of land to raise the funds instead. It’s nice to see she stopped short of giving up a sentimental painting, no matter how valuable it might have been. It was fun seeing the rumour mill in full force once the village started to hear that Elizabeth was searching for money. However, of course, Elizabeth seems to have Ifty’s shoulder to cry on, after he just casually mentioned that he and Kirsty split up.

I was super impressed at how Rob won over Ed, he sympathised, kept himself objective and impartial and shows a genuine interest. Naturally, as such a good guy, I’m suspicious of him, but so far he seems to be trying to fit in as best he can.

Lynda’s poor llama that passed away and is now being tested for TB came out of the blue. Robert quite sensibly told her she needs to inform David and Ruth, but she’s reluctant. Presumably because she’s spent the past few weeks arguing with David about TB in badgers. Awkward.

Finally, of course, it’s all about Chris and Alice. Just as with Lilian and Paul, this is a relationship I do not understand. Oh, so you have the potential for an amazing job in Vancouver? The last person you should tell is your husband, there’s no reason he needs to know. In fact, go behind his back completely and get on with the application and Skype interview in secret. Madness! If their relationship is going to work, they need to be honest with each other, and if it’s going to last the distance, then they can work something like this out.

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