A scone by any other name

Published March 29, 2013

A few week’s ago, I bought the Great British Bake Off booklet, produced for Comic Relief. There weren’t really any new recipes in there that I hadn’t already seen, but it was for charity - plus, I ordered it through a supermarket delivery, so it came right to my door without me having to lift a finger.

Inside was a recipe for scones, and whilst I wasn’t keen on that recipe (includes yogurt?) I did get a craving for some scones. So, I dug out a recipe from the master, Paul Hollywood, and was intrigued to see that this one came with a video. After watching a five minute masterclass, I decided to have a go myself.

I’ll admit to questioning Paul’s recipe, particularly how wet the dough is when turned out on to the surface, but after throwing some flour around (like the professionals), it all came together nicely.

Scone with cream and jam

Served with clotted cream and strawberry jam, these were absolutely delicious.

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