Inspiration from the strangest of places - monkey tails for gadget stands

Published February 20, 2013

Monkey kit

I spotted this crazy but brilliant gadget stand that is way over-funded on Kickstarter, and it is such a great idea. Taking inspiration from the animal kingdom, the Monkey Kit stand is actually billed as a “tablet positioning system” but it can cling on to plenty of different types of gadget, and then can curl around things or prop itself up in the strangest of places.

I particularly like the suggestions for use on the sofa or in the kitchen, but they also suggest in the gym or just curled around as a stand on the desk.

The tail attaches to the gadget via some kind of unique vacuum feature, which I assume doesn’t do the gadget any damage and is therefore scientifically fun!

A video of the item in question is below, with the creators describing its functionality.

I love innovation like this, although it is very reminiscent of the GorillaPod camera and torch stands we’ve owned for a while.

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