Barcodes + movies = art

Published February 18, 2013

Movie barcode

Mr C showed me this Tumblr site a good few weeks ago now, and I was instantly in love. In a nutshell, the Movie Barcodes are all the frames of a movie squidged up to make a colourful (or not so colourful) barcode style image. In some cases, they’re offered as prints, and I am sorely tempted to snap some up.

Some of them are better than others, naturally, and I find some of those that have been created with fewer images make my brain go a little fuzzy, but the really good ones are so impressive.

They even manage to make The Expendables look good!

Some of my particular favourites include:

There’s a full list of films available in the index, but I do prefer to just browse my way through.

The one I’m thinking about taking the plunge on is the Back to the Future Trilogy. What a great way to celebrate a fantastic film franchise. Mmm, BTTF and barcodes.

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