It all started with the Big Bang... BANG!

Published January 14, 2013

People have told us to watch The Big Bang Theory over and over again. The Sidepodcast comments have been littered with references and quotes for years, and all of them have gone over our heads. iTunes gave away the first episode for free, we downloaded it, and still didn’t manage to watch. It wasn’t a stubborn reluctance, more that we just never got round to it. Now, of course, we are aghast at what we have been missing out on.

The final straw came at work, when colleagues were playing a game of “Which Big Bang Theory character am I?” I didn’t know any of the names being bandied around, and this was both frowned upon by them and quite distressing for me. It was assigned to me as homework to check out an episode, particularly as they are always repeated on E4 over and over, and not exactly hard to seek out.

I’m not one for jumping into something in the middle, you might have noticed that, so given the homework and the rave reviews we know the series gets, we opted to buy the first season on iTunes. Downloads complete, we settled in to watch.


Did you know The Big Bang Theory is quite funny?

We loved it. It’s like the best bits of a sitcom, with added relevance. Friends has always been and likely always will be my favourite TV show ever, but even I can’t pretend that I didn’t laugh more at this twenty minutes of sci-fi and geek references from quirky but loveable characters (except Howard). There are so many ways I relate to Sheldon, it’s almost worrying. At first, I was concerned that this show wouldn’t be as quotable, because it’s all big long science words. I was so wrong, Mr C and I think we’re hilarious quoting lines back and forth to each other all the time. We laugh, so much, more than I think we have at anything… maybe ever.

We watched the first episode, and I reported back to my boss that my homework was complete.

But then, of course, we figured we might as well finish the series. And then, we might as well buy the Season 1-5 HD bundle and work our way through that too. And we might as well watch an episode while we eat our dinner. And another just before bed. And then maybe just one more. And perhaps I can take this amazing site of transcripts and turn them into a Kindle reference book so I can read the scripts as well. And maybe I should brighten up my wardrobe a bit like Penny.

Some may call it an obsession. I just call it catching up.

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