The way the cookie crumbles

Published November 7, 2012

This week’s bake was chocolate chip cookies that I have been dreaming of making for a long while, since the middle of the actual Bake Off marathon. I sourced a recipe and, once again, was happy that my ingredients cupboard featured everything I needed except chocolate chips. I decided to buy both chocolate chips and chocolate chunks and mix things up a bit.

Chocolate chip cookies

Oh my god, they were so good! I made two batches. The first one was six dollops of cookie dough, which then spread out far too much and essentially created one giant cookie. I managed to split it up, but it had square edges which was a bit silly. The second batch was just three cookies on a baking tray, so that they naturally found their own round shape, like the above.

But they tasted so good. SO GOOD. Plus, I always get annoyed when Mr C is keen on investigating the cooking bowls more than the finished product, but raw cookie dough itself is something I can get on board with.

Notes for future cookies:

  • Try variations rather than just chocolate chips - I have leftover dried fruits, would that work?
  • Be more mindful of the dreaded cookie spread
  • Make more!
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