Friday Five - Recent Life List additions

Published November 2, 2012

I recently spruced up my Life List page, adding some handy links to the yearly reviews at the top, and then splitting the to-do items into tenuous categories - things to do, things to see, that kind of thing. It’s surprising to me to realise that I’m heading rapidly towards the end of a third year of life-listing, but then again, I’ve tried all sorts of crazy things in that time, so it’s certainly doing its job!

As I was dusting the page down, a few new items came to mind, so here are five of the most recent additions to my life list:

  1. Go to the BBC Good Food show. What with my new obsession with baking and the possibility that Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry might show up, this has suddenly become a must-visit event!
  2. Enter something in a country show. I’ve been to a few country events this year, and one thing I really like is the craft tent. People submit to their category and you can peruse the different entries - compare and contrast and judge accordingly. There’s always crazy things like “four mini eggs cut into a flower shape” or “a photo of a dog dressed as a sunflower”. The trouble is, I don’t grow vegetables, I don’t knit very well, and I don’t bake to that kind of standard (yet), so I’m not sure what I could get away with. Something to ponder. Then again, my task is simply to enter something, not necessarily win!
  3. Take an open-top sightseeing tour. I have specifically mentioned London on the life list page but I’m not sure it would have to be the capital city. For some reason, I just really like the idea of getting a decent tour of a city. I think I must have been on a sightseeing tour or two in my time, but none that I really remember (or have documented!)
  4. Complete a puzzle book. A recent visit to my parents saw us complete a cryptic crossword puzzle together. I usually shy away from even the normal crosswords because I don’t have much in the way of general knowledge smarts, so throw in some crazy cryptic clues and I was baffled. But after some perseverence we started to get somewhere and it opened my eyes to a new world of puzzles. Usually, if I got my hands on a puzzle book I’d head straight for the easy ones, the ones where you fit ready made words into the spaces, or the logic puzzles. I’d like to get a book and be determined to finish it, trying all the puzzles - even if it takes forever.
  5. Go kayaking. After watching the Olympics and reading Paddle - a book in which the author describes his journey kayaking around Ireland - I got it into my head that I wanted to have a go in a kayak. The mere idea freaks me out a bit, and I am having second thoughts after watching a worrying documentary. But still, it’s worth having on the list in case the mood takes me in the future.

The thing I love about my life list is that it chops and changes. Things I thought were a good idea at the time but now seem completely unappealing get removed, but there is always something to take their place.

I can’t emphasise enough how if you have the slightest inkling to make a list of your own, you should do it. Even if you start with just five easy things, it really gives you a sense of motivation, and once you delve into the world and start looking at other people’s achievements, it’s really a wonderful positive place to get inspired.

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