Alright, treacle?

Published November 14, 2012

Somehow, baking something no matter how big or small seems to have become a weekly habit and there’s no escaping it. I keep thinking I’ll take a weekend away from the kitchen, and then my ingredients cupboard calls out to me and there I am with the mixing bowls, creating something else!

This week, I went back to the treacle tart that I made during the Bake Off fun and games. There were a couple of complaints last time that we didn’t have it with cream, so it was always going to be something I had to bake again, so we could experience it properly.

Treacle tart

This time, I used just one lemon in the recipe, and I put thicker strips of pastry across the top for the lattice work. I think I didn’t quite have enough water in the pastry, it was just on the edge of too crumbly.

Regardless, normally at this point I would write some bullet points about what I would do better next time. I’ve made two of these treacle tarts now and they’ve both been delicious and looked good too. This might be a recipe I have down! It was also good with the cream.

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