The Archers - September 2012

Published October 3, 2012

After the revelations of last month, Mike and Vicky, well, they’re not talking at all. They start to tell people about the baby, so they get advice from all quarters. Then they do talk - a full on two-hander episode that was really good. Mike is still worried, but he’s on board. For now.

Elsewhere, Freddie breaks his collar bone because Elizabeth is ridiculous and can’t say no to her son. She blames Shula, and then when she goes round to apologise, she blames Nigel. It’s called responsibility, woman! What Freddie’s injury has done, though, is break the ice between David and Elizabeth, after brother went round to visit nephew and was busted by sister, who didn’t go mental. They were perfectly civil, if not nice, and then Elizabeth got a moving gift/card for David for his birthday. Is that it, then? Family feud done?

Tom has got his enthusiasm back for the ready meals. The conversation that he had with Brenda and Kathy about whether to make chilled or frozen meals made me very uncomfortable - this was exactly the project we had to do for my GCSE Food Technology. I just wanted to learn cooking but we had to do this whole marketing exercise instead.

There’s fun for Matt, as first he finds out that Darrell is going to be reducing his work for Amside, after getting another job. Then he finds out the new job is with Paul Morgan, his half brother that Lillian almost ran off with. Immediately, he whisks her off to Paris to show that he can be nice really. I am looking forward to hearing from Paul again!

Other bits and pieces:

  • Will has just recently discovered that Emma and Ed are having money troubles, and because George didn’t have anything but tinned pineapple to take to the Harvest festival, he instantly thinks his child is not being cared for properly. Do I sense a custody battle coming up? Also, where’s SuperNic?
  • Fallon and Rhys. Is that love in the air, or is she going to be disappointed again? I can’t believe Jazzer is going to be happy about that at all. If he is still around… he may be getting kicked out of his flat soon with no Harry replacement forthcoming.
  • I thought it was really weird that Adam told his mother about his one night stand with Pawel. He was bound to have to tell someone otherwise the bad deed would go unnoticed, but Jennifer? Really?

Finally, I was sad to hear that Rosalind Adams is going to retire from The Archers. They’ll be recasting the role of Clarrie, which is always a bit worrying, but I must say they did a great job with Emma, so hopefully it won’t be too jarring. Great job, Rosalind!

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