Shopping made easy... and miniature

Published September 21, 2012

A few years ago, I tried out the supermarket online delivery service, because I love the “getting lots of lovely new food” part of grocery shopping but dislike the actual mechanics of it. Back then, I did it a couple of times and revelled in things being delivered straight to my door, but I soon stopped. There were a few reasons, including their odd policy of wrapping single items in bags and wasting them, plus not being organised enough to book ahead.

I recently started doing the weekly shop online again, and this time the habit has stuck. The main two benefits for me are time and money. Instead of getting home an hour late one evening, I can be waiting for the shopping to arrive in its designated hour whilst doing something more interesting and/or productive at home. Watching the cost as you add things to your shopping basket is a really important part, and even with the additional delivery fee, I’m not spending as much as I was when tempted to impulse buy.

Granted, I do sometimes have to pop to a smaller shop for forgotten, unavailable or short-life items, but that is no different to when I did the shopping in person. It’s worth noting that I switched off the option for substitutions because whilst they are sometimes okay, they are often not quite right, and I find the whole process either too hectic or too awkward to decline at the door.

The only real negative I have found so far is that I’m a bit stupid when it comes to sizes and weights, and sometimes I assume too much without reading. I’ve already had to wrestle with an enormous amount of mince, and I’ve had to attempt frying my own poppadoms because I misread the page and thought I was adding ready-to-eat ones.

Worse than all of that though, my last delivery came complete with these.

Small bottles of wine

I didn’t even know they made wine in this size! It’s barely a glass full! It’s a learning experience, this online shopping lark.

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