2012 Wk 37 & 38 - A cold-shaped bump in the road

Published September 30, 2012

After the high of new running shoes wore off (only took a week this time, boo!) I wanted a bit of a boost, so I tried out another Zombies Run mission - it’s always good to try something different. I noticed that the people behind Zombies Run are creating a spin off version based on the Couch 2 5K thing. I’m jealous! Can I go back to the beginning and start again with the zombies chasing me this time?

I often start these updates with “not much to report” but this one is worse than ever. Two runs before being struck down with a cold. I didn’t run at all this past week. I’m starting to feel better now, but it’s not perfect. It’s always a big question - when to hit the road again, when am I feeling better?

I’m already feeling uncomfortable having not gone out for over a week, but I know I can’t go out yet - my chest isn’t feeling up to it. I don’t want to go out too early and hate it, but equally, I’m going crazy not being able to put my new purple shoes on!

Anyway, hopefully this week will be back to normal. I need to get as many runs in as I can, as the nights are drawing in once again!

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