2012 Wk 32 & 33 - A different kind of training

Published August 27, 2012

There hasn’t been too much to report for the last two weeks, I’m afraid real life has just got in the way of my dreams of Olympic stardom. In reality, I have been training at work for two weeks, with another still to come, and it’s amazing what a difference this change of pace makes. Firstly, I’ve been getting home from work a little later than normal. With time such a precious commodity in our house, this has a significant impact on my opportunities for running. Secondly, work-style training is really quite tiring!

The first week, I didn’t run until the weekend, but last week I fared a little better. I even managed to head out before we disappeared on our weekend away in Manchester. That was some dedication, I feel. Or maybe it would have been proper dedication if I’d gone running while being away as well? Who knows.

The moral of this fortnight is simply that I need to try harder again. I am not down on myself as I know it has just been a crazy couple of weeks and there is only so much I can do. However, I do want to do more, and the motivation to keep trying is there.

Running graph

The last run I did this past week was a relatively good one. I think my previous top distance for the half hour mark was 3.60km, so I’m getting back towards that now. If I can keep this up, I can push onwards again, instead of feeling like I’m just scrabbling around trying not to lose too much. Always wanting more!

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