2012 Wk 31 - Day by day

Published August 13, 2012

I renamed the category for these posts a while back, opting to call it the Running Diary. As that is the case, here is a true day by day diary of last week’s workouts.


Definitely in the mood for a run today, having not been out since Wednesday. It was a busy weekend, so no real time to hit the pavements. Went out for thirty minutes, felt good, relatively fast and it just started raining as I got in.

Running graph

Post-run, as the evening wore on, my foot developed this bizarre pain right in the centre, in the ball of the my foot. It was a bit painful to walk on but mostly irritating.


Spent most of the day pondering whether to go out again this evening or not. My foot was still hurting, so it could do with the rest, but I like it when the momentum keeps me going out and feeling less guilty.


Knew I was going to go for a run today, and that if I just did 30 minutes I would be disappointed compared to Monday’s outing. So I decided on some intervals. Richard gave me some advice last time I talked about intervals.

Interval training (or mine anyway) isn’t about the overall distance or speed of the run. I use intervals to build up my endurance and stamina for running quickly.

I’d keep doing an interval run once, or maybe twice, a week and make sure you are challenging yourself to run as fast as you can.

And inspired by the athletics, I really did go as fast as I possibly could in the 20 second sections. It meant the slow intervals were probably even slower than normal, and I think it evened out to come back to the same time and distance as normal, but it felt really good going so fast!

Running graph

My foot was feeling better too, and by the time I went to bed, it wasn’t hurting at all, so running a second time had not exacerbated it in any way.


No running as I have some bits and pieces to do of an evening. It’s also really muggy, so that’s worrying.


Day off today, and with plans to sit on the sofa watching the Olympics all day long, I went out for a longer run to make up for it. Considered doing a 5k but then continued onwards and knew I was aiming for a 10k.

Running graph

Only problem was the weather, still a bit hot despite going out at 9am, and the GPS. It went crazy wonky at the start and at the end, which happened to be the same place and thus is probably a bit of a GPS-hole. It’s not really an issue because I mentally calculated the distance and went over to make sure I did the full 10k. It does mean that the pace and everything was all skewy (and the graph looks odd) and that just makes it harder to know how well you’re doing and how what you’re feeling relates to what pace you’re putting in. I came home and tweaked the map on Runkeeper and it was still a 10k, thankfully, albeit my slowest yet.

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