The Archers - May 2012

Published June 6, 2012

There have only really been two main topics of conversation over the past few weeks in Ambridge.

First up, Amy and Usha. What on earth is going on in that house? The relationship between Amy and Alan seems wholly too smothering for comfort, and Alan’s inability to stand up to his daughter to support his wife is quite shocking. In one of the last episodes of the month, Usha finally gets fed up of the mixture of cold shoulder and hideous sniping, and shouts: “I’m his wife! I live here!” Damn right.

Clearly, she was in a difficult position finding out about Carl, and probably didn’t do the right thing, but Amy’s misplaced anger is befuddling. Why hasn’t she attempted to find out whether Carl is married, and why he did what he did? Why hasn’t she gone right to the source of the trouble? Instead it’s all about making Usha’s life a misery. Bizarre. Frustrating. Mildly entertaining!

The second main topic (and one that has caused quite a stir!) is the ongoing fallout from the attack on Adam. Whilst he has been busy recuperating under Ian’s fabulous tender loving care, David and Ruth have found themselves subject to some threatening behaviour from the thugs who are due in court. They’ve even gone so far as to install security cameras around the farm - much to Pip’s annoyance.

I don’t know why they haven’t gone to the police. It’s one of those situations where if David was giving advice to someone else, he’d be confused to the point of hostile why they hadn’t told the authorities. But, when it’s in his own back yard, it’s a different matter. Presumably part of that is to keep the storyline running, because we know now it is going to get bigger and darker. Not the rest of Ambridge as a whole. We can sleep easy in our beds.

It is dark but in the very best traditions of a programme not scared to kill its leading lady in a barn fire, and it fits snugly I hope alongside everything Ambridge does best.

Joe’s ferrets, Lynda’s hay-fever and cliffhangers built on whether Clarrie will finish her jubilee cake in time; all will remain and I hope live for as long as The Archers draws breath.

Elsewhere, there’s a little rumbling between Elona and Darryl, because she’s not happy with cash in hand. Lillian has seemingly put her foot down to Matt as well!

There was a touching scene between Mike and Vicky about their future - a good few minutes of two characters pondering what lies ahead, and what they would do if they had more time each and every day.

There’s still talk about the Beast of Ambridge, and when Lynda isn’t worrying about that, she’s rushing around complaining about the yellow flowers. I don’t blame her! They’re yellow!

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