New Kindle update gives you more book for your buck

Published June 7, 2012

When the Kindle Fire initially came out, we saw ebooks the way they should be - nice layouts, gorgeous pictures, crisper graphics. The fact-filled and informative Pocket F1 book made use of the new table designs and looked all the better for it.

F1 Guide points formatting

Sadly, the Kindle desktop apps and the original devices were left behind with less snazzy tables, but that has all changed thanks to Amazon’s latest Kindle update. The new version (4.1.0) should be rolling out to customers gradually, or you can head to that link and update manually if you’re tricksy like that.

The upgraded features include:

  • Improved reading font that is higher contrast and crisper
  • Parental Controls that allow you to restrict access
  • Dictionaries grouped into a collection in Home and Archived Items

And the one that is most important to us:

  • Support for books with complex layouts and formats with Kindle Format 8.

Granted, I wouldn’t call a table a particularly complex layout, but nevertheless, the new version allows it to look ever so pretty. To get the most out of your Pocket F1 Handbook, you’ll need to remove it from the device and re-download from the archive, but what wonders will await you once you do.

It’s not every day your book can disappear and return in seconds, all spruced up and fancy for no cost at all!

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