2012 Wk 20 & 21 - A heat wave break(through)

Published June 3, 2012

I didn’t post an update last week because there was very little to report. We’ve been in the midst of a heatwave - probably the only summer that Britain will see this year - and it was just awful. I could hardly keep the motivation to stay upright, let alone go out and exercise.

The beginning of this week was similar, although I did think it was cooler on Monday and risked a run. It was not cooler. I felt ill for the rest of the evening.

Thursday was the first day that it really started to be more acceptable weather, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get out until today.

So, with just one run in two weeks, I was expecting it to be a total nightmare. It was raining, which I was totally relishing, and I decided to go for just 30 minutes, to break myself in gently. Turns out, two weeks off worked out pretty well in my favour.

I don’t think I will ever understand running. Hopefully the weather will remain a bit more manageable now, I certainly feel more energised after that attempt!

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