The Archers - March 2012

Published April 7, 2012

My Archers roundups get later and later, it seems, but it’s okay because the goings on never stop in Ambridge. This month, we’ve had misplaced compliments, completely pointless handshakes, and the never-ending saga of John/Rich, the long-lost grandson. Why on earth Sharon gave in and allowed the boy to find out about his extended family I do not know. That visit from Helen was about as disastrous as they get.

But, they got the boy, and all’s well that ends well. Ha!

Tony is on the mend, determined not to be a burden, but eventually realising that he couldn’t do everything. He didn’t do the big launch, and there was a moment where they returned to find him sleeping in an armchair. Worrying moments for those who remember the departure of Phil Archer, but it was fine. He was alright, and raring to go when John/Rich eventually came to visit.

It was great to hear Clarrie given her second chance at the dairy. It makes perfect sense that they need the help and she already knows how the operation works, but I worry what would happen if the newspapers find out.

It left Emma in the lurch a little, lacking some childcare. She decided to jack in her job at Lower Loxley, to concentrate on looking after the kids. If it helps her be less stressed and less grumpy, then that’s probably a good thing.

She still gets to keep cleaning Brookfield, though, where they had a breakthrough with the future of the farm. A glamorous consultant came and told them that their plan for Autumn calving was a goer, and so everyone is happy. They get to keep the cows, they get to keep the sheep, and they even get to buy that new sewage tank thing. Yay for glamorous consultants, I suppose!

The other dairy talk this month was all about Brian and his mega dairy. Protests were staged, mostly by Kirsty, with a big market-based crowd yelling their disapproval on the big scheme. “I’ll see this dairy happen if it’s the last thing I do,” Brian said, moments before deciding that a pig farm might be a better idea.

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